The Malinois De Travail

malinois de travail

The Malinois de travail is a remarkably versatile breed of working dog. It is capable of many different tasks, from guarding homes and protecting property to performing military duties and sports. A Malinois is intelligent and receptive to learning. In addition to its versatile nature, the Malinois is also very affectionate towards humans and children.

This large berger breed has an impressive work ethic. It is a loyal and eloquent companion, and is an excellent working dog. It is particularly adept at guarding property and protecting its family. A Malinois de travail’s work ethic and devoted attitude towards its owners make it a perfect choice for a family pet.

The Malinois de travail needs regular grooming. Hebdomadary grooming is recommended to keep its coat shiny and healthy. Regular trimming of the ongles and eyelashes is also essential. The teeth should also be brushed regularly. The malinois de travail’s diet should be high in glucides and be adapted to its weight.

Choosing a Malinois de travail to work in your home is a great choice if you have the time to train and exercise your new pet. The breed is hard-wired to work, so it is important to ensure that your home is equipped to accommodate its needs. It will need constant work throughout its life, which means that you should be able to provide your home with an environment where the dog can exercise and be physically active.