The Malinois De Travail

malinois de travailThe Malinois is a large berger and a famous working dog. It has many useful traits, including good guarding abilities, protection, and companionship. It is an energetic and intelligent dog that can be used for a variety of purposes, including security, ringwork, and work. This article will describe some of the benefits and common problems of owning this breed. Also, it will show you how to choose the best Malinois for you.

The Malinois has a high sense of duty and courage, making it an excellent guard dog. However, it can be difficult to train this breed. It requires patience and equilibre around children and visitors, and is best with an owner who is strong and energetic. This breed also needs plenty of exercise and attention.

This breed was originally used for troupe work in Belgium. A Belgian named Adolphe Reul developed a gene pool for the breed and created a breed club. He also set the first standard for the breed. At the time, there was only one variety recognized as a breed. In 1909, the breed was recognized and its standard was created.

The Malinois is an agile and muscular dog. Its coat is fauve charbonnee, or red-brown. It is short on the chin and lower body.