The Malinois De Travail

malinois de travailThe Malinois de travail is a highly intelligent breed of working dog. These dogs are great at hunting, herding, and helping humans. The breed also exhibits a strong, loving personality, and is particularly fond of children. However, this trait can also make them aggressive. In order to train your Malinois, you should be firm and consistent with him.

The Malinois is a medium-sized dog with elongated allure and black fur. The dog has a high level of intelligence, and is commonly used by police departments. It is a great working dog, and can be very affectionate and possessive. It is very intelligent, and can learn new things easily.

Malinois de travail is one of the most popular breeds of working dog. It is a French breed that has a long history of being used in working environments. It is also known as malinois de travail or beaute. It has been used as a hunting dog, a working dog, or even a pet.

Although the two breeds are very similar, they have some significant differences. For example, the first breed resembles the second more than the former, but the former is more like the first.